2019 Deniliquin Sculpture Project

Announcing our finalist

The Long Paddock committee is excited to announce the final two proposals for the Edward River Council Sculpture project. 

Proposal 1

The Ute by Stuart Taylor

The scale model shows a Ute constructed from found materials. The proposal would see a full scale model of the ute installed at the current location. The sculpture would use found materials with significance to the Long Paddock including Gates, Shearing Materials and other transport related themes. 

The Ute by Stuart Taylor


Proposal 2

Spirit of the Outback by Col Henry 

A sculpture that is inspired by the iconic Ute in the paddock image. The sculpture would be rendered in stainless steel and take the form of a FX Holden Ute. The sculpture would be half sized approximately 0.9m wide x 2.2 m long.

The Spirit of the Outback sculpture proposal by Col Henry







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2019 Edward River Sculpture Project

Community feedback on the proposed Edward River Sculpture Project models