Conargo Region

Pretty Pine, Wanganella, Booroorban, Conargo, Blighty & Mayrung

The Conargo Region is the smallest Local Government Area (by population) in NSW and is made up of a number of small villages. Three of the villages, Pretty Pine, Wanganella and Booroorban are located on The Long Paddock Cobb Highway Touring Route. The Conargo region is home to the famous Headless Horseman sculpture (located at the Black Swamp between Booroorban and Wanganella). This is a must see photo stop for all visitors.

Conargo Region at a glance

Towns and Villages: Pretty Pine, Wanganella, Booroorban, Conargo, Blighty, Mayrung
Main Industries: Sheep, Cattle, Cereal Crops, Rice and Vitaculture
: The Billabong Creek and The Edward River

Did you know? Conargo is the only Local Government Region in Australia that does not have any poker machines.


May Conargo Billabong Mothers Day Market
SeptemberPretty Pine Father Day Market

Must See And Dos

  • Make a farm visit to ‘East Tolans’ to learn more about local agriculture and be amazed at their sculptural garden.
  • Check out the original Cobb & Co stables at The Royal Mail Hotel in Booroorban.
  • Discover the legend of The Headless Horseman at The Black Swamp and check out the sculptural installation.
  • Visit some of the best bird watching areas in Australia, home to the rare Plains Wanderer.
  • Taste wine at Clancy’s of Conargo and take a winery tour

Visitor Information Centre

Conargo Shire

End Street, Deniliquin NSW 2710
Phone: 03 5880 1200