Central Darling Region

Ivanhoe, Mossgiel, Wilcannia, Menindee, White Cliffs and Tilpa

The Central Darling Region covers the largest area of any local government area in NSW with over 53,000 square kilometres. Although it has a small population the region is renowned for its hospitality and its amazing array of fauna and flora. The region is the gateway to Mungo National Park, Broken Hill and Outback NSW.

Central Darling Region at a glance

Towns and Villages: Ivanhoe, Mossgiel, Wilcannia, Menindee, White Cliffs and Tilpa
Main Industries: Sheep, Cattle, Horticulture, Mining and Tourism
: The Darling
National Parks: Mungo, Paroo Darling and Willandra

Did you know? Australia’s first commercial opal field was established at White Cliffs in 1894.


April – White Cliffs Gymkhana and Rodeo
June –
Ivanhoe Campdraft
August –
Ivanhoe Quick Shear
October –
Kilfera Field Days (Ivanhoe)

Must See And Dos

  • Discover the Sandstone Architecture in Wilcannia  (post office and its attached residence, the Athenaeum Library (1883) and the impressive courthouse (1880),  police station (1881), and the police residence (1880).
  • Visit the traditional craftsmen in Wilcannia.
  • Learn about the history of Ivanhoe – follow the Heritage Trail and check out the mural ‘The Pioneers’.
  • Revel in the landscape at any one of a number of National Parks in the region.
  • Spend the quietest, darkest night of your life underground at a Bed and Breakfast or motel at White Cliffs.

Visitor Information Centre

Central Darling Shire

Reid Street, Wilcannia NSW 2836
Phone: 08 8083 8910
Website: www.centraldarling.nsw.gov.au